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Sometimes The Customer Can’t See the Forest August 14, 2009

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Forest of trees (Small)We all know the customer is always right. Its just that on occasion they are right about the wrong things. For example we had a customer who wanted realistic flames on his golf cart. Long story short, we made a proof which he approved, we printed the graphics and applied them to the front and sides of the golf cart.

Now I will admit that applying vehicle wrap graphics to a vehicle is very different that to a flat sign. Flat vinyl on a flat sign equals easy. Flat vinyl on a vehicle body with complex curves, equals challenge. An over simplied example would be telling someone to wrap a piece of paper around a baseball.

Back to the golf cart, there had to be some small areas where the vinyl is cut and it creates a seam where it overlaps itself. I won’t get into the specific of why and how here, but we did what we felt was an excellent job. The customer however, would not accept it. He could see the overlaps and he knew they were there, and that just would not work for him. We tried to explain that people aren’t looking for little seams (the trees), they are looking at the flames and the overall look (the forest). But in the end he was right, there were seams, and thus the graphics were no good to him. So we removed all of the vinyl and gave him back a blank golf cart. At least we got some cool pictures to share.

Golf Cart AngleHood CloseupGolf Cart Side



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